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Crash Suspect Caught By Contractor, a New York Car Accident Lawyer Reports


A contractor stopped a red light heard a startlingly noise, like a “big bang”. He turned to see a speeding Toyota with two teenage girls screaming as they clung to the hood of the car, which had just struck them. Two other girls were lying on the pavement, bleeding. The Upper Brookville contractor, 45, sped after the fleeing car to stop it.

Nassau police sources told a New York Car Accident Lawyer that the contractor chased the hit-and-run driver through rush hour Wednesday evening traffic for about a mile, from the intersection of Glen Cove and Old Country roads, finally stopping him at Clinton Road and Osborne Road. The girls, all 16-years-old, and friends at Herricks High School in Hyde Park, had been returning from a trip to the mall when they were struck hard enough to smash the windshield, police informed a New York Personal Injury Lawyer.

One girl needed more than 100 stitches to her head, police informed a New York Car Accident Lawyer. All of them were taken to hospitals and expected to survive. The girls were headed to catch a bus when the Toyota ran a red light and struck them in the crosswalk, where they had the right of way. The contractor, in his own vehicle, chased down the Toyota and pulled the 26-year-old driver out, holding him for the police. Police told a New York Personal Injury Lawyer the Toyota “hit all four of these girls with such force that he sent two of them flying onto the sidewalk and the other two were clinging for their lives on the hood of this car.”

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