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Car Crash Victim is saved by Police Air Support


A man who was seriously injured in a serious car crash in Lancashire is grateful that he is still alive. He is about to visit the Lancashire Constabulary’s Air Support Unit to personally thank the crew which were responsible for saving his life.

The 19 year old driver was involved in a traffic incident. He crashed into a tree while he was riding a motorcycle in October 2010.

Normally in these circumstances the Air Ambulance would be called to transport the patient to hospital, explained a Lawyer. However, the air ambulance was not available at the time. Instead, the fast thinking police decided to use the police helicopter. They used their police helicopter to pick up the patient and send him to the Royal Blackburn Hospital.

The injuries sustained in the accident were very serious. He required treatment for a broken leg, head trauma, and liver injuries. He actually needed five months of treatment before he could be released.

Following the accident the motorcycle rider was unconscious for around eight weeks. His family was relieved when he finally opened his eyes the first time after the accident.

The source has seen a copy of the police report. The rider explained that he remembered everything before the crash. However, he didn’t remember the actual car accident happening or anything immediately before it.

The motorcycle rider has thanked the Air Support unit for saving his life. He said that he believes he would have died if they had to wait for the air ambulance to respond.

He has arranged to meet the police constable and captain who were involved in saving his life. These people were on duty in a helicopter when the accident happened and were able to transfer him to hospital. He will also get to see a tour of the whole unit and have a look inside the helicopter. These accidents are not common in The Bronx and Brooklyn.

The helicopter has taken people to hospital before in certain circumstances. In this case the air ambulance was not available which meant that they needed to use the police helicopter.

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