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2 Best Friends Involved in Crash


A report explains that two best friends have recently been involved in a fatal car accident. This resulted in the deaths of both of these students who recently graduated.

One of the people who died in the crash was a keen skateboarder, and the other was a bull rider. Both people that died were 18 years old and graduated from Plattsmouth high earlier in the month.

The Lawyer who has practiced in NYC and Westchester indicated that the two were driving to collect one of the teen’s younger brother. The car that they were driving in was hit by another car at an intersection between Nebraska Highway 91 and Highway 81.

The school is being very sympathetic with their students. They are providing counselors to all students which helps the friends of the victims.

The school principal explained that both of these kids were very popular and liked by everyone that met them. One of them was a known practical joker. He really enjoyed teasing and pretending to annoy people.

The police are currently investigating the accident. The exact cause of the accident is not currently known.

The accident happened at around 5:15 PM on Saturday. They were driving in a Chevrolet Impala 2003 model. Both the driver and passenger died as a result of the injuries sustained by the accident.

The teenager’s car was hit on the passenger side by another vehicle. A 59 year old was driving this car and was heading down highway 81 on the southbound carriageway. The passenger of the other vehicle suffered injuries which endangered her life. She was airlifted to hospital and was said to be in critical condition.

Both the two in the second car were wearing seatbelts. The teenagers were not, this means that if they wore their seatbelts then they would probably still be alive.

The pair were thought to have a very exciting future ahead of them. The one planned a career in the military, and the other wanted to attend a wedding school. Both were much loved and were said to be good at making other people happier.

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