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Crash Kills Man from South Brunswick


A man has lost his life in an accident which also left four other people seriously injured. The accident involved three cars and was a serious car accident, explains a Lawyer.

The 51 year old man was killed at the scene of the accident before the emergency services could arrive. The other four people were seriously injured and needed medical treatment in hospital. The accident happened during Sunday afternoon.

The source who is from Queens and Staten Island reads from the report which says the accident occurred close to Woodlot Park. This accident forced police officers to shut down New Road from Wheeler to Route 1 for the rest of the afternoon.

The victims of the accident were trapped inside their vehicles. The rescue teams needed to work for 45 minutes to cut the roofs off the cars and remove the people. The four people who were still alive were taken straight to Robert Wood Johnson university Hospital. Some of these people were considered to be in a critical condition.

Two young children were involved in the accident. Both the parent and the children were taken to the university hospital for treatment. The family were treated and released on Sunday. The police said that it’s fortunate the children were in car seats and strapped securely in the car. If they weren’t strapped in then the accident could have been much worse.

The police report that one driver was traveling along New Road in an eastbound direction. Eye witnesses have explained that the driver was traveling faster than he should have been and overtaking many vehicles. When he attempted to return to his lane he hit another car.

The impact caused the cars to be pushed off the road and into a hydrant; tree and pole at the side of the road. The cars slid sideways along the road which then crashed into several other vehicles on the way.

The police are currently still investigating the cause of the crash, the exact cause of the accident remains unknown. The accident required the attention of the Fire department, police, Monmouth first aid crew and the Medical Examiner’s Office.

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