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Teenager from Jackson Dies in Car Crash


Another teenager from Jackson has been killed after being involved in a serious car crash. The accident involved two vehicles. Several other teens have recently lost their lives in similar circumstances. This accident has also injured two other teens and another driver.

The teenager that died was 17 years old. The deceased, and two other injured teens were all from Jackson Memorial High School and were keen members of the baseball team. These were all inside a 2004 Lincoln when the car was involved in an accident with a Ford Escape.

According to a police report which has been obtained by the Lawyer, the accident happened at around 8:45 PM on Friday.

The students were thought to be traveling from a baseball game which was hosted at Manchester High School. The force of the impact split the car in two explained the police. As the causes of the accident were not clear, the authorities were planning to reconstruct the incident to answer a few questions.

The driver of the car involved in the accident is currently being treated for his injuries in hospital. The teenager that was killed was sitting in the backseat. As he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt he was thrown from the car when is split in two explained the Police.

The officer explains that the other teenage passenger was airlifted to a nearby hospital. On Sunday his condition was still listed as Critical. The passenger in the front of the car was taken to a nearby medical center, however he did not have serious or life threatening injuries.

The extent of the damage caused to the vehicles was more than expected. That’s why many people suspect that the car accident was caused by the drivers traveling at excessive speeds.

Eyewitnesses who saw the accident said that they heard screeching of tires, then a very loud bang. By the time the emergency services had arrived, the rear seat passenger had already died.

The school is very sympathetic with the matter; they have provided counselors to other students to take care of them. Schools in Manhattan and Long Island would do the same.

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