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Car Accident Hospitalizes LA Ink Star


Ruth Pineda, who might be better known as Ruthless was involved in a serious car accident last week. The star of LA Ink required emergency medical attention at a hospital after the serious accident.

The doctor explains that it is thought the 26 year old TV star was traveling to an appointment. She was driving her Mercedes E300 when a very big bus hit the side of the vehicle.

Emergency services were very quick to attend the scene and discovered that she was in a serious condition. The victim was taken to a local Orange County Hospital by hospital. She required medical treatment for more than twelve hours as her injuries were so serious.

The report says that the star felt well enough to tweet about the crash when she was in hospital. She claims that the truck ran through red lights which caused the accident leaving her with serious injuries. The star also managed to update her Facebook page to tell everyone that she was safe and not in any danger.

Photos of the accident have been released and obtained by the representatives. Looking at these photos it is clear that serious damage has been caused to the entire car, including the sides of the vehicle.

On one side of the vehicle there are many smashed windows with both the front and back windows being smashed. The back of the vehicle is also completely crunched.

Ruth released a photograph of herself in hospital. It can be seen that she is wearing a neck brace and hospital gown to ensure that no permanent damage has been caused by the accident. She needed to remain in hospital for several days to check that she was OK and that the treatment was a success.

The TV star started as a tattoo artist and became a very popular TV personality through the reality show LA Ink. She has become a celebrity in her own right. Many of her fans in Manhattan and Queens offered messages of support through Twitter and Facebook. Her fans are said to be relieved that she is now OK from her injuries.

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