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Speeding Mother Kills Children


In a tragic car accident, two young children were killed. The accident happened because their mother was speeding and lost control of her vehicle. The car crashed resulting in the deaths of the two young children, explains a witness.

The children who died were brother and sister. They were 18 months old and 4 years old respectively. Neither of the children was strapped into car seats which are thought to be the main reason why they died instantly at the crash.

The crash occurred on the Dubai-Hatta Road and has shocked the local community. Many drivers speed through this popular cut through, and the fact that the children were not adequately restrained lead to tragic consequences.

Two other siblings were also in the vehicle at the same time. While these suffered serious injuries they were able to be treated. The mother and two other women passengers only had minor injuries.

This is a vital reminder to drivers in Staten Island and Westchester about how dangerous it can be to speed and not wear seat belts or child restraints. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that children are correctly secured into vehicles before setting off.

The crash investigations are currently ongoing. It is likely that the mother will be charged with dangerous driving. However, the police suspect that they will go easy on her because of the loss of loved family members.

The local community was left shocked at the fact that two young children died for no reason. Many people are campaigning to make it illegal not to use child seats in the UAE like it is in other parts of the world such as the US. Many people in the country do not strap their children into car seats properly and this causes many accidents and deaths.

The mother lost control of the car when it crossed the center of the road and ran into a large off road vehicle. This caused the car to flip. The two young children died at the scene and their sister and brother sustained serious injuries. The housemaids also sustained minor injuries along with the mother.

The mother was arrested for the offense but has since been released on bail.

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