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Single Car Accident Claimed Life of Suwannee man


Police reports handed to a law firm state that a Suwannee county man was killed as a result of a car accident. Only one car was involved in the accident and it was caused because he lost control of his vehicle.

The accident happened on Thursday night according to the report. The man died before emergency services were able to respond and was declared dead at the scene when first aiders did arrive.

The driver who died was a 39 year old man. When emergency services attended the scene they declared him dead as a result of the injuries sustained in the crash which happened at 9:30 PM. The crash happened on County Road 137.

Police say it is fortunate that no more vehicles were involved in the accident. If any more vehicles were involved then it could have been much more serious. Although one person lost his life, many more could have been put in danger if it had happened at a busier time of the day.

The driver was traveling northbound in a Chrysler Sebring. He was traveling through the area just after a heavy storm had caused the roads to become very wet and slippery. This meant that as he drove round a bend he lost control and the car span off. The car went over the pavement and then flipped twice. The car was thrown into a large tree and the driver was thrown from the vehicle because he was not wearing a seat belt.

It is also fortunate that nobody was walking on the pavement at the time, indicates a source. If there were people on the foot path then they could have been seriously injured too. When he was thrown from the vehicle the car then landed on top of him. This left him with injuries which killed him soon after the incident and before the emergency services could arrive. Authorities in Staten Island and Westchester are on the prowl for these accidents.

The police department’s crash investigators are still investigating the case. They are trying to determine whether or not the driver was intoxicated while behind the wheel. The current evidence does not confirm this, although police do suspect that both alcohol and the weather had a role to play in the accident.

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