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Australian Rugby Player Involved in Car Accident


An Australian rugby player was injured recently when his car was hit by a local transit bus. Two teammates traveling in a car behind the player were able to pull him from the car. Even though the player suffered minor injuries to his back, neck and chest, he underwent a brain scan to determine if he also suffered a concussion. Head injuries that go untreated can lead to serious health risks later on, notes a New York Auto Accident Lawyer. The player may have also injured his shoulder, but further tests are needed.

Those on the bus were not injured in the accident. The bus, carrying around 43 people, was making its regular stops when it hit the car. It is unknown at this time who caused the accident, the player or the bus driver, because police are still gathering evidence. The State Transit Department is cooperating fully with law enforcement to determine the exact cause of the accident. The accident happened in the morning around 8am.

The 23-year old rugby player was on his way to train when the accident occurred. The talented player was a member of the Sea Eagles Queensland Cup feeder team last season. This season, the player participated in two pre-season trials and was in contention to play against. Lawyers in Brooklyn and the Bronx are well aware of the complications which arise from bus accidents. Melbourne in an upcoming rugby match, reports a NY Car Accident Lawyer. It is unknown when the player will be able to get back into the game.

Luckily, no one was seriously injured in the accident. Paramedics and law enforcement officials at the scene took the player to the hospital for his injuries, indicates a New York Injury Lawyer. A spokesperson for the hospital reported that the player was in stable condition and that additional tests were necessary just to make sure he was healthy enough to go home.

Even though his injuries may be minor, it may take some time for the player to heal fully, says a New York Injury Lawyer. It will important for the player to get plenty of rest to allow his injuries to heal before he tries to rejoin his team to play rugby.

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