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A Closer Look Into Saturday’s Truck/Car Accident


According to a New York Car Accident Lawyer, an accident took place on Saturday at 9:44 in the morning. This crash involved to vehicles and the police department of Wetzel County responded to the call almost instantly. The crash scene was located at the intersection of state route 89 and state route 2 in Wetzel County. A New York Injury Lawyer shares that the vehicles involved in the tragic accident included a 1996 Mazda and a semi-trailer that was carrying compressed hydrogen.

IN the Bronx and Brooklyn there are laws against certain signs which might distract a driver and cause an accident.

The driver of the semi, had no noted treatment for any injuries, but the driver of the Mazda was taken immediately to Wetzel County Hospital. A New York Injury Lawyer expands that the driver is still being treated at the hospital due to injuries sustained during the Saturday crash. Several officers from the New Martinsville Police Department as well as Emergency Medical Services, and the fire-department all responded to the call for help during the accident. A New York Car Accident Lawyer reveals that this incredible team, along with the help of 911 dispatcher Gary Glasscock, is responsible for aiding those involved in this dangerous crash.

What could have been a total devastating situation was made better by the support of the amazing Wetzel County community. The fire-department, police department, emergency medical services, and others really worked together to see this situation through to its best possible outcome and thankfully no lives were lost. Though the driver of the Mazda was injured, the over-all outcome was considerable less traumatic than it could have been considering how deformed the car looked after the crash occurred. The driver was distracted by a sign on the side of the road. Stories like this remind us of how close we come to losing each other and how grateful we must be for each new day. The Community of Wetzel County can be truly proud of the team they have in place that worked together so strategically, to deal with what could have been a much more devastating situation.

Car crashes are frightening and they often leave not only the victim, but the families involved feeling helpless. There is no reason to feel alone and abandoned. Try seeking out the help of a New York Car Accident Lawyer.

With the support of a trained New York Car Accident Attorney, you can find the answers you need and the confidence to move forward without looking back. Having a New York Car Accident Attorney on your side, to help you through the legal process, can really lift the burden of trying to sort through the mess all by yourself. When you seek help, this gives you the opportunity to focus on the more important things in your life, like meeting the needs of your family, or spending much needed time in recovery. Stephen Bilkis & Associates with its New York Car Accident Lawyers has many offices in the NY area including Commack, NY. Our attorneys can provide you with advice about personal injury caused by someone else’s negligence. Without a NY Car Accident Lawyer you will be ignorant of all your rights and may be at a great disadvantage.

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