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Intoxicated Man Dies after Hitting a Wall with Vehicle

A man suspected of being intoxicated while driving died after crashing his car into a pole and then a wall. After being pulled over by police, the man fled the scene and minutes later crashed the vehicle, a white Honda Civic, says a NY Car Accident Lawyer. Police did not pursue the man after he sped away. A full examination by the medical examiner will tell police more about the level of alcohol in the man’s system at the time of the accident. No one else was injured as a result of this accident.

The accident occurred shortly after midnight Sunday morning. Before the accident, police had pulled the man over after receiving a tip that a drunk driver was driving on the highway. Apparently, the man was drunk enough to catch the attention of other motorists. Police pulled the man over with the intention of determining whether the man was intoxicated. The man drove off before the police were able to question him, reports a New York Injury Attorney. The name of the driver will not be given to the media until the man’s family has been notified. It is not uncommon for the names of those involved in fatal accidents not be reported until family members have been contacted.

It is not known where the man was coming from at the time of the accident. He may have been drinking at a bar or at a party. Unfortunately, police were unable to detain the man and prevent this senseless accident. If the man had been detained, he might have been taken into custody and held until he sobered up. The man probably did not want to face the consequences of driving under the influence which could have included fines or time in prison. Drunk driving is treated very seriously in The Bronx and Brooklyn A toxicology exam will be performed to determine how much the man drank before the accident. It is unclear where the man was trying to go after he fled from police. Funeral arrangements will probably be made after the family has been notified.

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