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Salvation Army Church Damaged Following Car Accident


Last weekend, a car collided with a local church in Nassau and crashed through one of the walls. The building which was owned by the Salvation Army, is currently considered unusable pending an engineer’s evaluation, explains a reporter. The building was used for many different purposes in the community including a church, outreach and childcare.

The incident took place around midnight when the building was entirely empty; the church building very rarely holds events which take place at that time of night. The Salvation Army has had operations at the location for over fifty years and has no plans to relocate following the incident.

The driver of the silver sedan and the one passenger were spotted leaving the scene of the incident. The fact that they fled makes it likely that both people could face hit and run charges. The two people could not have been sure that no one was in the building at the time of the crash. Police immediately informed the director of the facility about the accident and requested that they come to the scene.

The vehicle suffered major damage and was probably totaled; over half of the vehicle was inside the building after the crash. The building also suffered major structural damage which went beyond the damage to the wall; the plumbing and electrical systems were shut down because of the damage.

Currently, no charges have been filed and it is unknown was caused the car to run into the building. It is possible that alcohol or drugs were involved, though there was no immediate evidence available.

The church is currently consulting with their insurance company to determine their coverage and start working on repairs. They are also holding several community fundraising measures aimed at getting the facility up and running again to serve the Suffolk community. It was unknown whether or not police had located the driver of the vehicle, nor whether they would pursue the passenger of the vehicle on separate charges. An incident report was not immediately available for the accident.

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