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Alcohol the Cause of Fatal Accident


A resident of Anderson County is in serious condition today, after being injured in an accident on Liberty Highway over the weekend. Officers from the local police force said they are currently looking into the incident, which killed the Slabtown community’s resident’s nine year old son. A New York Car Accident Attorney, who was working on another case in the area, has been recruited to lend his expertise to the investigation.

The victim in the accident was a male in his early thirties, and is currently being treated at the AnMed Health Medical Center, where a spokesperson from the hospital said he was being treated in the neuroscience intensive care unit of the hospital. The man’s son, who had been taken by helicopter to the Greenville Memorial Hospital, was pronounced dead in the early morning hours Sunday, said the New York Car Accident Lawyer.

Details of the accident are still being investigated, reported the New York Injury Lawyer. Officers say that the man, who had just picked up his son from the boy’s mother’s house (the two are divorced and share joint custody) was driving down Liberty Highway when he crossed the center divider into oncoming traffic, where he immediately collided with an oncoming car. The car then rolled down an embankment, throwing both father and son out of the vehicle. It appears that the child, who was sitting in the back seat at the time of the accident, bore the brunt of the crash. DWI may be charged in this case.

The driver of the second car was not severely injured, and was treated at the scene and then released.

Although authorities are reluctant to say definitively, pending the results of the full investigation, it appears that alcohol may have played a role in the accident. Police officials would not say what lead them to that conclusion, although the NY Injury Lawyer we spoke with said that it is likely that physical indicators such as empty liquor bottles could have prompted responding Officers to request a blood alcohol test be performed.

If it is determined that the man was intoxicated at the time of the accident, it is very likely that criminal charges could be filed. The family of the man could not be reached for comment for this article, and it is unknown if he has retained a lawyer. Officials say that charges are likely to be brought against the man, although they could not say definitively what those would be.

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