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Woman Killed in Single-car Crash on I-480,


An unfortunate incident on the Cleveland roadways reflects a heartbreaking reminder of how fragile and precious our lives really are. The story begins with a woman traveling dangerously too fast on I-480 headed westbound, near the 176 northbound entrance. She was found lying on the pavement away from her car, just shortly after 7:30. The car involved, a Hyundai, was reported to be greatly damaged, and was severely smashed into the guard rail.

A New York City Car Accident Lawyer shares further details that after the Emergency Medical Services arrived, and assessed the situation, the woman was pronounced, tragically dead at the scene. Further investigation revealed that the woman driving the Hyundai westbound on I-480 was speeding like crazy, in an effort to change lanes as quickly as possible. Though sadly, the foolishly attempted, speedy lane change, ended tragically with the woman’s car hitting the guard rail, and her body being ejected from the vehicle, so states a New York Injury Lawyer. In addition to the initial crash scene investigation, police helicopters, and thermal imaging cameras are being used to determine additional evidence regarding the crash.

A New York Car Accident Lawyer expands, that I-480 at the 76 split was shut down for a while, so that crews were able to get in an clean up the wreckage surrounding the crash scene. One witness claims that over 100 cars were stuck in a time intensive stand-still, as they waited for the roadside clean-up crew to finish clearing the damaged vehicle, and debris. Travelers were greatly encouraged to exit I-480W at I-77N headed toward Cleveland. A New York Injury Lawyer elaborates, that no immediate details were released regarding the female driver’s identity. Such a tragic story which could have been avoided if the woman driving the Hyundai at unreasonably fast speeds would have simply slowed down. Now, an innocent life is lost.

This kind of devastation causes us to look inward, and reflect on our own frail existence, how we can be here today and gone tomorrow. May this story encourage you to not only drive safely in the future, but to live more fully with each passing day, expressing gratitude often for the life you have been given. There is never a reason for driving so recklessly that it is worth losing your own life over. So, take time today to remind the one’s that you love to practice optimum road safety when traveling, because there is no reason to lose your life over circumstances that could have been so easily altered if safety was a priority.

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