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Soldier Killed Close to Home


Tragedy hit one Long Island Family over the weekend, when a fatal car accident took the life of an American Soldier on the day he turned 33, said a NYC Injury Lawyer who is investigating the incident.

A retired US soldier, who had even been awarded the prestigious Purple Heard Medal, the highest honor bestowed by the US government on members of its military, was the victim in the accident. During his tour of duty, he had survived a suicide bombing attempt while deployed in Afghanistan. Returning home, he struggled with post traumatic stress disorder, and had only recently readjusted to life as a civilian. The soldier was one of a handful of survivors of a suicide bombing which took the lives of nine of his fellow soldiers.

Heading home on foot from his birthday party at a local bar, the soldier was struck and killed by a car less than a mile from his home as he crossed the street after saying goodnight to a few friends and members of his family.

The victim’s wife, a nurse, attempted to perform life saving measures at the scene, but paramedics who transported him to Stony Brook University Medical Center pronounced him dead on arrival, said the New York City Injury Lawyer.

Very little is known about the driver of the 1998 Honda Accord driver that struck the soldier, reported the New York Auto Accident Attorney. He is not being held in custody, and it appears likely that charges will not be filed; the New York Injury Lawyer who is heading up the case has currently ruled the fatal collision an accident pending further investigation.

Based on reports gathered from friends and family at the scene, the soldier was on his way home at approximately 2:00am, and had crossed the street, when he realized he had not said goodbye to an acquaintance. He then attempted to return to the pub, and re-entered the road without looking, at which point he was struck by the car. It is unclear whether alcohol could have been a factor in the impaired judgment of the victim; the NY Car Accident Lawyer assigned to the case reported that results had not yet returned from the lab.

The victim in the accident was a family man, who worked as a carpenter upon retiring from the military. He leaves behind a loving wife and two young children.

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