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15-year old girl dies in senseless crash


NY Car Accident Lawyers described a horrific crash involving three teenagers and a police car. “The kid was driving without headlights and a police officer was merely going to pull them over for safety reasons.”

He went on to explain that the driver quickly took off in his vehicle to avoid the police officer and subsequently sideswiped another vehicle and ended the tirade by slamming into a brick wall.

The reporters on the scene said there was a 15-year old boy, a 14-year-old boy and a 17-year-old boy in the car, who incidentally, was driving. The 15-year-old victim was sitting in the front passenger seat and did not survive the crash.

The ambulance crew confirmed that the boy had died on impact from the crash. Both the 14-year-old and the 17-year-old were taken to the local hospital for minor injuries.

The crash happened at 2 am according to the police reports and that was confirmed by anyone else on the scene. Police say they have tested the driver for alcohol and narcotics and are investigating the whole situation. It appears the boy might have fled from police because he feared they would know he’d been drinking.


The boy is in police custody now and will face formal charges shortly.

A NY Injury Lawyer discovered that the Police had attempted to speak to the driver of the car shortly before the accident, but that the car drove off along the main road before colliding with the second vehicle and hitting a wall.

“I wish they would have just stopped to talk to me,” the police officer said. “A ticket for no headlights costs a lot less than the life of this child and the impact it will have on his family now.”

Witnesses at the scene remarked on the accident and how quickly it all happened. If this accident happened in The Bronx or Brooklyn it would be investigated in the same way.

“I saw the police officer try to go up to their window and they squealed away really fast and a few minutes later they flew into that wall. It was terrible.” One witness said. “I really feel bad and sad for the family of the kid who died.”

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