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Cause of deadly car crash is still unknown


Three cars were involved in a deadly car crash Monday, said a NYC Car Accident Lawyer.

The driver, who allegedly caused the crash, might have been driving down the wrong side of the road. He apparently was distracted and hit a truck head on and was able to get himself out of the vehicle before it burst into flames.

Sadly, this man still didn’t survive the crash despite his escape. Local residents saw a large flame rising from the road and called 911.

“I always see it on TV, but I’ve never seen anything like that so close,” said one woman. “I was horrified! I mean there are so many accidents on this road. It’s terrible. People just drive too fast and they don’t pay attention,” a witness explained.

Lawyers found that the other people involved in the crash were taken to a local hospital and sustained minor injuries.

When police arrived at the scene, they observed they were frantically looking for the driver of the truck in flames. He was finally found 30 yards down the road where he had freed himself to safety.

Police were looking inside the vehicle trying to see if they had an operator and they located him down the road about 30 yards. He had freed himself from the truck, wandered away, thankfully before the truck really went up.

The road had to be closed for close to three hours while police and road officials worked to reconstruct the accident.

One of the officer’s at the scene said, “It’s too bad. It’s sad when someone’s life is gone.” The NYC Injury Lawyer went on to report that the names of the people involved in the accident had not yet been released and the police plan to talk with them about any details they might remember about the accident.

“Pinpointing the cause of this type of accident can be very difficult due to the fire and heavy flames that were involved. We are hopeful that the people involved in the crash or witnesses in residing in the area will be able to shed some light on the situation,” said a local police investigator. Police in Staten Island and Westchester County would handle it the same way.

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