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Teenage Stole Truck and Crashed into Building


A NY Car Accident Lawyer explained that police were called when a vehicle struck into a building on Thursday Evening. The accident happened close to the intersection of Highway 73 and Columbus Street.

The police department said that before they even reached the scene there were reports of a stolen truck. The truck was stolen from Stark Street and was reported by its owner. When police arrived at the scene they immediately discovered that the truck which crashed was in fact the Chevy truck which was stolen.

The truck crashed into Fred’s Service Center just off Highway 73. This resulted in thousands of dollars of damage which was caused by the driver of the stolen truck. The business is a family business which specializes in servicing and repairing vehicles. The truck slammed into the side of the building at speed.

Eye witness reports read by the authorities say that the truck knocked out a whole section of the comer of the building. Although the business owner was inside the building at time, fortunately he managed to escape unscathed.

The airbags inside the truck were deployed, but the teenager was not hurt. The damage to the building is thought to be severe and requires attention to make the building safe again. The owner of the truck reported that a set of keys had been stolen from his week over a week ago. The NY Car Accident Lawyer says that this is very important to lock vehicles when you are not inside to prevent theft.

The boy got out of the vehicle and ran into a field just east of the site of the accident. It didn’t take police long to find him and detain him. The police department said that the accident was caused by dangerous distracted driving, but there was no suspicion that alcohol was involved.

It has since been discovered that the boy was involved in another traffic accident which he drove off from before crashing into the Service Center building. The damaged caused to the vehicle is thought to be less than $1,000, but the damage to the building is much more. Crimes like this are frowned on in Manhattan and Queens.

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