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Young student seriously injured in single car crash, stated New York Car Accident Lawyer


The young lady involved in this car wreck was driving on a highway when she lost control of her vehicle as the result of hitting an icy patch on the snow covered roads. She slammed into a tree, outlined the New York Car Accident Lawyer. No one knows how long she had been there, as a passerby called it in to the police later in the day.

The driver was only 16-years old and a junior at the local high school. When emergency responders arrived, she was taken to hospital, after being extricated from her wrecked car by firemen, where she was listed as being in critical condition with a guarded prognosis.

Police are searching for any eyewitnesses in the area that may have seen her driving just before the crash. They want to know if she may have been speeding when she hit the ice and that is what made he lose control. They also want to find her cell phone and check the screen for when it was last used. It may be that she was texting while driving, didn’t pay attention to the road, didn’t see the ice and snow clearly and when the car hit that patch, she couldn’t control it with just one hand on the wheel, suggested the New York Injury Lawyer.

She may have also been run off the road or had some kind of a mechanical defect that caused her to lose control. Cases like this are always difficult for law enforcement, because the victim can’t talk to them right away and they are left guessing what may have happened by the clues at the scene, said the New York Car Accident Lawyer.

If the young woman lost control of her car because of a mechanical defect or was run off the road, she may want legal counsel to help her claim compensation for her medical bills, etc. To do that, she will need to get in touch with a New York Car Accident Attorney. The first consultation is always free. The advice given by the New York Car Accident Attorney is priceless.

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