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Single vehicle wreck kills one, stated New York Car Accident Lawyer


Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to why an accident happens or why someone dies in an accident. This case was baffling and the man was pronounced dead at the scene by a coroner, indicated the New York Injury Lawyer. The stated cause of death was blunt force trauma to the chest. The man was only 32-years old at the time of the accident.

Sadly, the accident happened about 200 yards from the man’s home. For some reason, as he was on his way there, he lost control of the Ford Explorer he was driving. It veered across the road and flipped over several times, coming to rest by a tree on the opposite side of the road, said the New York Car Accident Lawyer.

The vehicle burst into flames and the front of it was crushed inward and badly charred. The inside of the Explorer was also in rough shape with debris scattered inside and outside the vehicle. EMS crews had to perform the grim task of cutting the dead man free of his car.

The police report is not clear on why the driver lost control of his vehicle, but they are taking a look at various possibilities, such as drinking while driving, drifting off to sleep behind the wheel, driving while distracted, driving while texting or on the cell phone or a mechanical defect of some kind, explained the New York Injury Lawyer. There were skid marks on the road as if to indicate that the man had tried to apply the brakes when he realized he had lost control of his car.

Single vehicle accidents may also involve more than just one person. Typically most of those in an accident, particularly a roll over, sustains injuries of some kind; many may be life threatening. To find out what kind of compensation you would be eligible for if you have been in a bad wreck, you need to discuss your case with a New York Car Accident Attorney. You can’t take your own case to court and expect to be able to secure the kind of settlement a New York Car Accident Attorney could win on your behalf.

Stephen Bilkis & Associates with its New York Car Accident Lawyers has convenient locations throughout the NY area including West Farms, NY. Our attorneys can give you advice about personal injury caused by another’s negligence. Without a NY Car Accident Lawyer you will not be cognizant of all your rights and could be at a great disadvantage.

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