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Woman killed in highway crash with truck


There’s a story today about a woman involved in a crash with a truck on the highway.

This poor woman was trying to make a U-turn on the interstate where the police normally do it and drove right into the path of an 18-wheeler. She was killed instantly from the impact of the crash.

The woman had apparently been traveling to visit her family when she realized she needed to turn around for something, her family had confirmed. She apparently underestimated the speed of oncoming traffic when she tried to make that turn.

“We are so sad to have lost her this way,” her 30-year-old daughter said. “She was a wonderful mother and a wonderful grandmother to her 5 grandchildren. She will be missed.”

Manhattan Car Accident Lawyers said the driver of the truck walked away from the accident with no injuries. When a person’s car hits a truck, the car passengers rarely survive.

Police say the woman was driving a 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser and was in the crossover right before she crashed. The truck struck the car right away and both vehicles went flying down an embankment and into a swamp.

Observers said that the police are investigating the crash and whether or not alcohol or narcotics played a roll. Drunk Driving is dangerous and is not tolerated in counties like Nassau and Suffolk. The police said that in a situation like this they have to cover all of their bases. From the looks of the crash, the family’s story and the nature of what happened, it really seems like no alcohol or narcotics were involved but still the authorities have to do everything they can to investigate the situation fully.

Thousands of crashes like this happen every year but statistics show that the number of crash occurrences is down but not the number of deaths that occur in these types of accidents.

Manhattan Car Accident Lawyers said that any the percentage of death is the same. “We still have a long way to go,” he said. “Families are still losing loved ones in unnecessary crashes.”

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