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College student falls asleep at the wheel and causes two deaths


“This heart-wrenching story has been in the news for a few weeks,” said a NY Car accident Lawyer. “These were all nice kids with bright futures and it all came to an end with one mistake,” he added.

A 20-year-old girl was driving with three passengers in her car when the tired student fell asleep, hit a tree and caused two of her good friends’ deaths.

The girls were all pledging the same sorority and were on their way to yet another pledging event when this happened. Thankfully there was no alcohol or drugs involved and therefore no DWI or drunk driving was charged.

It appears that the girl driving the car has been charged with two counts of misdemeanor deaths by motor vehicle and will be attending court next week.

The observer went on to explain that although the girls pledging for the sorority hadn’t been drinking or abusing drugs, they had all been up for most of the night before, possibly performing various pledge duties that would help their final initiation into the sorority.

A police officer from the scene said, “It’s such a shame that some of these kids will almost anything to be accepted into a group. This whole accident could have been avoided if they had just slept a few more hours.” College students in Queens and Westchester County are guilty of this also.

One of the girls, who were killed, was reportedly studying to be a veterinarian and the other girl was working on a degree to become a pediatrician. A reporter said the girl driving the car, will be taking a small break from college.

“Her parents think it would be best if she came home for a semester after this is all over,” he said. “She will likely undergo major therapy once she finishes out whatever sentence is given to her.”

NY Car Accident Attorneys say that 60% of college deaths are from car crashes. “It is unknown how many of these are alcohol-related or texting-related,” one person remarked, “Texting-related accidents are definitely ahead of alcohol-related accidents now, though.”

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