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Woman Killed After Being Thrown from Vehicle


A woman from Altoona, Pennsylvania was killed this weekend in a car accident. The woman was a passenger in a van with a male friend and her two children. The man lost control of the van while driving. The minivan went over a median and then rolled down an embankment several times before coming to a stop, reports a NY Car Accident Lawyer. Unfortunately, the man and woman were not wearing seatbelts. If they had been wearing seatbelts, this tragedy may have been avoided. While may have suffered injuries, these injuries may not have been life threatening.

The man, woman and her two children were traveling on Route 22 on a Sunday afternoon when the accident occurred. They were about 5 miles outside the town of Blairsville, Pennsylvania. It is not known where they were traveling to or why the accident occurred in the first place, a New York Injury Lawyer indicated.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene. She had been thrown from the vehicle and died from blunt force trauma to the head. She had been sitting in the passenger seat when the accident happened. The man remains in serious condition at a local hospital. The accident took place in Burrell, Pennsylvania which is located in Indiana County. The children, both girls, aged 2 years and 20 months were uninjured. Both children were in child safety seats, claims a New York Car Accident Lawyer. After a brief visit to the hospital, both children were released into the custody of family members.

The man is in serious condition and may not be released from the hospital for some time. The severity of his injuries is unknown. The reason the man lost control of the minivan remains a mystery. The man, who lives in Altoona, is recovering at a hospital in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Funeral arrangements have been made for the woman, as reported by a New York Injury Lawyer, at a local funeral home. It is unknown at this time whether family, friends or the father of the children will be responsible for caring for the children from now on.

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