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Members of Band Super Junior Involved in Car Accident


Four members of the Korean band Super Junior were involved in a car accident in Shanghai while on their way to the airport after a concert. After finishing their “Super Show 3” concert, band members Heechul, Leeteuk, Shindong and Yesung got into a van which was then rear-ended by another vehicle after a short chase, reports a New York Car Accident Lawyer. None of the band members were injured.

This is not the first car accident band members have been involved in, says a NY Injury Lawyer. A similar accident occurred after a show in Singapore last month. Apparently, these accidents were caused by overexcited fans who wanted to get closer to the band. Dozens of fans followed the van carrying Super Junior after these concerts and are responsible for causing the accidents.

Fans chasing their favorite bands, celebrities and other media personalities are not uncommon, but fans and band promoters were surprised and saddened that these chases resulted in accidents, stated a New York Car Accident Lawyer as most fans are respectful of the band. Since no one was injured in either accident, Super Junior band and Super Junior-M members, who were not involved in the accident, were able to complete their promotional tour through China.

To prevent accidents like these in the future, band promoters and others may have to increase security or use decoy vans to prevent fans from following Super Junior after their shows, said a Manhattan Injury Lawyer. It is unclear as to the security measures that will be taken in the future to prevent vehicle chases from happening.

It appears as though the accident was an unfortunate incident rather than an act of malice. Sometimes fans get caught up in the moment when watching their favorite band and want to get closer to band members to take a picture or get an autograph. But as fans discovered, high speed car chases oftentimes have unintended consequences. Luckily for the members of Super Junior and the fans involved in the accidents, no one was seriously injured. The band will continue its “Super Show 3” tour and continue to promote the band through public appearances.

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