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Two dead and one injured in shooting and car crash


There is recent news of a deadly shooting and car accident that left two people dead and one severely injured Monday.

The police say they were responding to an accident report and when they arrived, they found four people at the scene.

They found two people who had been shot and killed and one who was severely injured. The fourth person had not been wounded or injured so he was taken in for questioning.

Police speculated that this car accident might have been the result of a violent gang chase. One of the men, who was shot and killed, had been in federal prison back in 2008 and had supposedly been deported to Mexico.

“We aren’t sure exactly what happened here,” said a police investigator, “but we are looking into it based on what witnesses have told us and based on our meeting at the station with the fourth man in the car.”

A reporter said that police are currently investigating a possible drug connection to the accident and the shooting.

There were two cars involved in the incident and they are currently looking for the other vehicle.

When police arrived at the scene, they had to first make sure paramedics and firefighters were on the scene. This could also be determined to be a hit and run case. In the Bronx and Brooklyn they would consider this as a charge.

Crews are looking for an older model white SUV in the surrounding areas. They believe the shooting might have taken place from the white SUV and that the accident happened seconds after the shooting. The SUV was seen by several witnesses nearby.

Police sent out alerts for witnesses to come forward in the case.

“The man who was taken in for questioning from the scene has not cooperated very much so far and isn’t talking,” said a person close to the case. “Police are doing their best to convince him to talk until they receive more information.”

There were no family members of the victims involved who were available for comment but police and hospital officials are trying to contact them now as well.

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