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Train derails and kills at least one person


Families received news today of a tragic car accident involving a train. The accident was a surprise to everybody standing by. A white Ford Focus was sitting waiting for the train to pass when the train unexpectedly derailed and crushed the car to the point where officials can’t tell how many people might have been in the car. This is not distracted driving.

Witnesses at the scene said it happened so fast, they were certain the driver of the Ford Focus didn’t see it coming.

The coroner is on the scene and the car is currently crushed under the train and some power lines.

Emergency crews can’t confirm how many people are in the vehicle at this time. It will likely take hours to extract anybody from the car.

Authorities found out that there are several organizations trying to figure out what happened with the train and make sense of the tragic accident.

Thankfully, it appears there are no hazardous materials coming from the train. Hazmat had been at the scene right away and confirmed that there were no hazardous materials.

The coroner, who is helping at the scene, said they were going to need a Crain to move the car.

At this point all you can see is half the car, until they bring in special equipment to lift the train car we just don’t know anything. Crews are going to be here for several hours at this point, They’re going to have their accident re-constructionist come out and work the investigation.

Police at the scene say they plan to spend as much time as it takes to figure out exactly what happened in this tragic accident.

It has not been confirmed whether or not the victim or victims in the crash have had family or friends come forward. In The Bronx and Brooklyn these situations are handled with care for the families.

“This is truly heart breaking that this happened,” one witness said. “I really feel sorry for the family of the people involved in this crash.”

Being involved in a senseless car accident can devastate a family. NY Car Accident Attorneys understand this all too well. NY Car Accident Attorneys help families every day and make sure they are compensated for their pain and suffering.

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