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Three Car Collision Shuts Down Interstate, Reports New York Car Accident Lawyer


Early morning commuter traffic is usually fairly predictable. Living in the city means that if we even drive, the closer in we get, the closer we are to getting stuck. Millions of commuters drive into the city for work every morning, says a New york Car Accident Lawyer. The crashes that we see run the gamut from being small nuisances to horribly traumatic tragedies. Officials say the best they can hope for is the minor nuisance where each parties insurance companies are contacted and they both drive off.

Last week the early morning commuters got a little less predictability when their morning rush hour turned into a multiple car pile up that injured five people and involved three separate collisions. According to a New York Injury Lawyer who was on the case, the sequence of crashes began when the driver of a Ford Mustang collided with an SUV. The SUV ended up crossing into the left lane and was then struck by a Toyota RAV4, creating yet another tailspin on the opposite side of the road.

Reports from the New York Car Accident Lawyer said that basically no one was seriously injured in the series of collisions, though there were some minor facial cuts and scrapes and a small child, who was a passenger in one of the vehicles, had a possible broken leg. Everyone left the scene of that accident without having to be admitted into the hospital. For many, they went home that night and counted their blessings, because they know how much worse it could have been.

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