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Elderly Drivers Have Experience but Lack Attentiveness, reports New York Car Accident Lawyer


As we age, our facilities begin to decline at a pretty rapid pace, at least for some of us. Within just a few short months we can find ourselves unable to read the fine print on a can of soup where just a few weeks earlier we could get there if we squinted. Our memories begin to blur, and we have difficulty recalling names of people we have known for twenty years or more. This is part of the normal aging process, reports one New York Car Accident Lawyer, but what effect does aging have upon our driving?

Last week a 92 year old woman lost control of her car and flipped it into a ditch. She was non-responsive when medical personnel reached her and was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, reports from a New York Injury Lawyer said. No one knows exactly what happened to the woman or why she lost control of her vehicle.

A New York Car Accident Lawyer suggests that the aging process may indeed have a debilitating effect upon our driving skills. Elderly people tend to be more absent minded and also tend to startle more easily. Though it is speculation at this point, pending further details about this particular case, it is fair to suggest that one of these scenarios could have occurred just moments before the woman lost control of her vehicle.

While lack of attentiveness during driving is not reserved for just the elderly, according to a New York Injury Lawyer, the physical decline that our bodies face as we age is a serious risk, and one that we have little control over, unlike emotional factors such as mood and attitude.

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