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Taxi burst into flames on the Syosset Railroad tracks and a NY Car Accident Lawyer is reporting the details

Louis Pushkin, a Syosset Cab driver of Long Beach lost control of his car when it smashed through a fence and onto the tracks along Jackson Avenue in Syosset reports a New York Car Accident Lawyer. He had a female passenger in the car, which was taken to Syosset Hospital with minor injuries. The car stopped directly on the track where it faced a train that had just pulled into the station. Moments later it caught on fire. It has been speculated that it was driver error. The car damaged both eastbound and westbound tracks, the third rail and the busy signal at the intersection. Repairs were completed on the eastbound track and trains operated on an hourly schedule that allowed both trains to share the eastbound track. A New York Car Accident Lawyer says Pushkin was issued tickets for reckless driving and blocking a rail intersection.

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