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Massapequa resident becomes the victim of a two car crash says a New York City Car Accident Lawyer

Edward McCloskey a 74 year old Massapequa resident was involved in a two car crash in Farmingdale that resulted in his death. He was pronounced dead on Tuesday at Nassau University Medical Center. He was airlifted by police helicopter. He was driving a 2004 Toyota Highlander as he traveled west on Gazza Boulevard. A New York Car Accident Lawyer reports he collided with Carol Kolano a 44 year old resident of East Farmingdale the driver of a 2007 Toyota Scion who was not injured. Apparently McCloskey’s vehicle struck the front bumper of Kolano’s vehicle. His vehicle then made a turn which caused his SUV to flip at least four times it then hit the guardrail at the center of Route 110. McCloskey then flew out of the vehicle and landed about 10 feet away says a New York Car Accident Lawyer.

If you or someone you know is a victim of a car accident such as this in the state of New York you may need assistance from a New York Injury Lawyer. One who’s able to prepare the best case possible and is knowledgeable in the Personal Injury field.

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