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Summer Camp Mourns Death of Long Time Counselor in Car Crash, Reports New York Car Accident Lawyer


Camp Dudley is a place where children have spent their summers again and again. Some of the campers and counselors that attend have been coming for ten years or more and as they have grown and changed, they have brought more skills back with them, adding even more to the camp experience. According to a New York Car Accident Lawyer, the extended family of Camp Dudley lost an important part of their team, and everyone at the camp seemed to agree when they had heard about the death of one of their most loved counselors and long time campers.

According to reports by a New York Injury Lawyer, shortly after 3am on December 31st, three long time counselor campers were driving on Camp Dudley Road in Westport. The driver lost control of his vehicle while he was attempting to navigate a sharp right turn. The car struck the tree on the drivers side. The driver was killed and the two passengers who were in the backseat survived.

The next day at Camp Dudley, tears and prayers were commonplace as they said goodbye to one of their own. According to a New York Car Accident Lawyer, it is not known if alcohol played a factor in the crash as toxicology tests are still pending. The tragedy has brought many members closer together in their grief.

Can accidents like these be avoided? One New York Injury Lawyer reports that most accidents involving automobiles are made when the driver is not paying attention. If, when driving, there is always a degree of caution and of watchfulness, perhaps we could avoid some of these tragic moments that show up like a dirty mark on the clear windshield of time.

Some accidents can be avoided and some cannot. Play it safe. Be responsible. If a car crash happens, call a New York Car Crash Attorney. If you hurt yourself at home call a new York Injury attorney. Either one can steer you forward and represent you in your case.

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