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Four Men Injured In Car Crash, reports New York Injury Lawyer


At one thirty eight in the morning, with dawn still hours away, four college men were involved in a startling car wreck. According to a New York Injury Lawyer, the four men were all riding together in an automobile when the sports utility vehicle suddenly hit a wall. The wall was one mile from a local university where it is believed the men attended school. The man driving the sports utility vehicle had to be ripped from the vehicle using hydraulic cutters before being taken by helicopter to the local hospital. With ribs that were broken and internal bleeding coming from locations unknown, the man was whisked through the air so doctors could perform life saving procedures on him, reported a New York Car Accident Lawyer. At last check the man was listed as being in critical condition.

The man’s passengers fared better but in this case better is truly measured on a sliding scale. Passenger number one suffered the cruel fate of having both his legs broken, snapped, and injured, said a New York Injury Lawyer. Passenger number two has both his legs working but he’s hardly in a better condition as he found himself with a pelvis that had been cracked. Passenger number three was the lucky one, if there are any who can truly be considered lucky in such an accident, as his injuries stopped at just one broken leg.

A New York Car Accident Lawyer reports that police are currently conducting an investigation into the crash itself. Police have yet to determine whether or not the sports utility vehicle was traveling in excess of the posted speed limit. The police investigation also extends to learning whether or not alcohol was involved.

If you find yourself hurt or having lost property in an accident, you should contact a New York Injury Attorney. Any accident, whether it be a car accident, fire, or simply an unfortunate fall can have dire consequences for those involved, with costs not only for medical bills or damaged property, but also for pain and suffering as well as lost income. The best course of action is to contact a New York Car Accident Lawyer in order to get the best possible outcome.

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