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Smithtown Accident Calls for a New York Car Accident Lawyer


A car accident occurred on January twenty-seventh, 2009. The accident was located in Smithtown, New York.

At almost eleven a.m on the day of the crash, a man, whose name has not been announced, was just finished with a meal when he got hit by a car. The ninety-one year old man was eating at McDonalds at 614 Middle Country Rd. As he walked outside into the parking lot, a vehicle hit him from behind which made him fall to the floor. The vehicle then drove away immediately.

Because the restaurant was crowded at the time of the accident, witnesses to the accident may not have realized the seriousness of the crash. The elderly man suffered from critical injuries.

Any person injured in the crash should inquire the help of a New York Car Accident Lawyer. As there is no clear reason for the crash, a good NY Car Accident Lawyer can help defend your legal rights including money for damages.

Stephen Bilkis & Associates with its NY Car Accident Lawyers has convenient locations throughout the New York Metropolitan area including Smithtown, NY. Our New York Car Accident Lawyers can provide you with advice relative to personal injury caused by someone else’s negligence in a car accident. Without a N.Y. Car Accident Attorney you will not know all your rights and may not be properly protecting you and your loved ones.

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