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Six Teenagers Lose Their Life In Car Accident According to a New York Car Accident Lawyer

Five teenagers were pronounced dead at the scene and one who was flown to Royal Adelaid Hospital later died from head injuries. Seven other teenagers were listed as stable but in critical condition. All of this after the victims left a sweet-16 party walking along Myall Road. New York Car Accident Lawyers may need to investigate the accident as it is appears a car allegedly came speeding around a bend, hit a pit of gravel and lost control of the car before striking the group of teenagers. Steve Bilkis and Associates can be reached at 1 800 NYNY LAW for an initial, free, no-obligation consultation if need be.

Apparently the driver of the auto, a 34-year-old man, fled the scene on foot, leaving his own ten-year-old daughter and four-year-old son in the car. The driver was later arrested and taken in for questioning. The driver has been charged with six charges of culpable driving causing death, four charges of negligently causing serious injury, one charge of failing to stop and one charge of failing to render assistance after an accident. There was no charge of drug possession. A New York Injury Lawyer can hopefully iron out more details regarding why the driver may have fled. A judge remanded the driver to custody and set a date for him to re-appear in court in June. Hopefully by that time, New York Car Accident Lawyers will have had an opportunity to look through the case thoroughly.

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