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Cause of Three Vehicle Accident Uncertain Reports a New York Car Accident Lawyer

Multiple automobiles involved in a crash take the lives of two victims and injures another. The accident occurred just as the rush hour was getting started and investigated as none of the vehicles left skid marks behind. An 18-wheeler, a truck and a car were involved in the collision, which appears to be a chain reaction. The firm of Steve Bilkis and Associates can be reached at 1-800-NY-NY-LAW for an initial, free, no-obligation consultation with a New York Injury Lawyer.

The car and the truck involved were apparently sent into the median during the accident. All three vehicles were headed in the same direction for now, even New York Car Accident Lawyers have little information on what prompted the crash, however, the truck apparently rolled over from the impact and the cars final stop was in a ditch alongside the roadway.

New York Car Accident Lawyers report that the EMS crews responded to the scene and transported the injured parties to a hospital for treatment. The driver of the truck was said to have minor injuries and the driver of the eighteen-wheeler was not injured but the driver of the car was said to have undisclosed injuries. There was no DWI involved in the accident.

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