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Power Disrupted by Crash on Route 67


The Oxford police department is currently investigating the cause of a car accident on Route 67, explains a witness. The accident happened when a car driver hit an electricity utility pole. This caused his car to spin off the road and ended up in a ditch off the road.

The accident occurred during the early evening at around 7:15 PM. The car lost control when it was on Route 67 and close to Brooklawn Drive. Eye witnesses say that the driver simply lost control of the car and hit a utility pole with a transformer attached. The car then spun off and landed in a ditch.

An eye witness said that as soon as the car hit the utility pole, the transformer started to spark and make loud noises. After hitting the utility pole, the car then hit a bump and flew into the air. It spun around and landed in the water in the brook.

The source said that the driver only experienced minor injuries. He was taken to Waterbury Hospital for further treatment. The driver has been identified by police and is a 30 year old from New Milford.

The police officers charged the driver for traveling at unsafe distances from other cars, driving on a suspended license and having invalid insurance. The officers also suspended the license of the driver. The police report explained that the bail limit was set at $500 and the driver is due to appear in Derby Superior Court.

The utility company has said that over 850 customers were left without power because of the accident. Engineers have since managed to repair the transformer which has restored the power to all the affected customers. Similar accidents have been reported in Queens and Staten Island.

The investigation into the cause of the accident is currently ongoing. The police are trying to find out what happened to the car which caused it to come off the road. It’s not thought that alcohol was to blame, however, it’s expected that excessive speed and unsafe driving practices were the reasons for the accident. Police have said that the driver was driving too close to other vehicles.

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