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Drunk Driver Causes Crash which Hospitalizes 3 Children


A well-known Lawyer explains that a man was caught by police trying to run away from his vehicle after causing a car accident. The man crossed the double yellow in the center of the road which caused his car to come into the path of another. This caused a head on collision which left three people with serious symptoms which required hospital treatment.

In a police report which has been obtained by the firm, police explain that the man who has been arrested smelt of alcohol. It is thought that he was drunk and this was the main cause of the accident.

The driver was being charged with leaving the scene of an accident and driving under the influence. The man was also found not to have a valid license, and to be in violation of his probation. There were also no license plates on the vehicle.

The driver was detained by police overnight on a $5,000 bond. He will likely be charged at the Stamford courthouse on Monday morning.

The drunk driver which caused the accident was driving north along West Avenue. The accident occurred because the driver lost control of the vehicle and crossed over the center of the road. This caused the vehicle to strike into a Ford Taurus which was traveling north. The three young children inside this car were injured and required medical treatment.

The crash sent the vehicles spinning off the road. One of them rested in a driveway along the road.

There were several eye witnesses who saw the accident unfold. They said that they saw a man jump out of one of the cars and started to flee the scene. The eye witnesses managed to give police a description of the passenger and driver which escaped. Police extended the search and managed to pick up the driver on Main Street, just one block away from the accident.

The reports from the scene say that the driver smelt of booze and was quite obviously drunk. His speech was also slurred.

The three children which were injured in the accident were transferred to Stamford hospital for treatment. All the injuries were considered to be minor and all are in a stable condition. Police in NYC and Westchester watch for drunk drivers.

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