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Multi-car Accident Could Have Been Much Worse


Several cars were involved in recent multicar accident Staten Island which started after a flatbed truck collided with another vehicle. The chain reaction continued and eventually eight cars were involved in the pileup. In total, five vehicles, many with multiple passengers inside, were damaged in the incident, states a witness.

The car accident started near a construction side which may or may not have been the cause of slowing traffic at the time of the event. The truck driver was unable to slow down quickly enough to avoid hitting the vehicle immediately in front of him. The truck’s stopping time was longer than usual because there was sand on the portion of the road where the accident took place.

The midday accident might have been worse if it had happened during rush hour when more cars would have been on the road. Of the eleven people who were spread amongst the five vehicles, only three escaped without any noticeable injuries; the other eight people were sent to hospitals to receive treatment for a wide variety of minor injuries. At least one of the people involved in the accident was a toddler, who was properly placed in his car seat at the time of the incident.

The mayor of the city where the accident took place requested the people actively avoid the area around the construction zone, explains a source. The site has several lanes shut down and an interchanged used by several thousand people every day is no longer available; the change in the traffic flow has made the area ripe for further incidents.

No charges have been filed in the accident, although there will almost certainly be discussions amongst the insurance companies, if no one else, to determine who is liable for the damages. The full extent of liability will not be calculated until the extent of the injuries have been established, says a reporter.

In the meantime, due to medical privacy issues, the medical records of those involved in the accident are not being released to the public, but all passengers in Queens have been released from medical care.

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