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English Car Crash Victim Awarded 3.6 Million Pounds


A car accident victim from Birmingham in the United Kingdom, has been awarded 3.6 million pounds in damages, about $5.8 million in United States dollars, according to report.

The 39-year-old victim struck his head against the steering wheel of his car when another vehicle rear-ended him back in 2008, causing brain damage.

The victim’s attorney has said that such a large settlement was necessary, so the victim could live as normal a life has possible.

The wife of the victim reported to authorities: “While no amount of money will repair the damage done, we now have a chance to move on.”

The victim was a resident of Trefor, North Wales, at the time of the accident. His attorneys say their client will have many years of painful rehabilitation before him – perhaps even the rest of his life.

The 32-year-old wife of the victim said, “I don’t think anyone can imagine how devastating a brain injury can be, it’s turned out lives upside down as its robbed [my husband] of his independence.”

The other driver went before a court and was convicted of driving without due care and attention. His penalty was a fine.

A judge at Liverpool Crown Court allowed this compensation to be granted to the victim and his family. An accident like this one can occur anywhere even in Brooklyn and The Bronx.

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The timeframe around an accident can be very confused and details can be lost. Sometimes details that seem unimportant can be of great importance – at least for the purposes of a law. Someone with a superb legal mind and knowledge of how the judicial process works is necessary in times such as those to make sure all the relevant facts are brought forward. Otherwise, what was a traumatic physical event can become a traumatic financial event as well, forcing those who suffered from the accident to have to pay expense for a matter that was not even their fault.

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