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Man Killed by DUI Driver, says New York Car Accident Lawyer


It was a sad day for the family of a New York school teacher as he was tragically killed by an out of control motorist who was driving under the influence, reports a New York Injury Lawyer. The man was in his mid sixties and was considered a shining star at his school. In an era where so many seem to not care, he went out of his way to be there for students: even in retirement he still tutored as many pupils as he could and was proud to proctor the end of the year examinations.

Said a New York Car Accident Lawyer: the motorist has been charged with numerous criminal counts, including: second degree manslaughter, second degree vehicular manslaughter, driving an unlicensed automobile, reckless driving while being impaired, and failure to stay in the proper lane. While the driver had been under the care of a physician and been prescribed many number of medications authorities would not say which medications he was on at the time of the crash, noted a New York Injury Lawyer.

While under the influence, the driver began to drive erratically. He eventually weaved his sports utility vehicle across the double yellow line and smashed into the victim’s car. For what seemed like forever the victim lay trapped inside his car, unable to move, unable to get help, as he slowed died. By the time the victim finally arrived at the hospital he was declare dead on arrival, reports a New York Car Accident Lawyer.

Mourners have traveled from across the country to attend the victim’s funeral.

If you have lost a friend or loved one in a car accident, you need the experience of a New York Car Accident Attorney. Someone else’s negligence can cost your family much more than you can imagine. The best option is to contact a New York Injury Lawyer in order to get the justice you and your family deserve.

Stephen Bilkis & Associates with its New York Car Accident Lawyers has convenient locations throughout the NY area including Glen Oaks, NY. Our attorneys can give you advice about personal injury caused by another’s negligence. Without a NY Car Accident Lawyer you will not be cognizant of all your rights and could be at a great disadvantage.

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