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Man Crashes Into Fire Truck

They wake up every day and put their literal lives on the line. They sleep at the station, allow themselves to be waken up by barking dogs and whining alarms, and at a moments notice strap on nearly one hundred pounds of fire resistant rubber, plastic, and other gear, says a New York Injury Lawyer. They hop on to the back of a massive fire truck and hold on tight as the great machine rips through town. Best case scenario, these every day fire fighters arrive at the scene of a burning out of control blazing building and rush in with nothing more than an ax and bucket of water. Worst case scenario: they never make it there, notes a New York Car Accident Lawyer. And that’s what happened this time.

We’ve all seen fire trucks run through town. And we all know what to do: slow down, pull over to the side of the road, stop our cars, maybe say a little prayer that but for the grace of God goes I, and be thankful to the brave men and women who chose to be fire fighters. But one selfish, unthinking, stupid, foolish boar of a man did not do this, reports a New York Injury Lawyer. Where he saw the world slowing down, he thought he was better and could speed up. And so he did. He forcefully pressed the accelerator down and barreled through the intersection, says a New York Car Accident Lawyer. He drove his car as fast as he could – right until he slammed in to the side of the fire truck, T Boning the massive engine. And because of his mistake, three people have been injured.

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