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Ill Woman Causes Crash involving 6 Cars


A car accident involving six vehicles on Route 101 is thought to of been caused by a medical condition of one of the drivers. The car accident happened on Saturday morning. The lady suffered from her illness which quickly developed into a pretty serious six car pileup according to police.

There were no fatalities caused by the crash and nobody was seriously injured as a result of the accident. Police said that it’s lucky that this accident wasn’t much more serious than it actually was.

Police have also explained that the woman will not face any criminal charges because of the accident. The accident was not her fault, and she didn’t know that she would cause the accident if she drove. The police still haven’t released the name of the woman, but it’s unlikely this information will ever be passed into the public domain.

The woman was travelling eastbound along Route 101 when she suffered from a medical complication. The complication was caused by a pre-existing medical condition.

This complication caused her to lose control of her car. This then hit a number of other vehicles at an intersection along Route 101. A few of the vehicles which were involved in the accident were heavily damaged by the crash. Some of the cars were even pushed over the center of the road into the westbound carriage way. It’s fortunate that the accident wasn’t more serious.

The woman was sent to hospital by ambulance. She received treatment at Catholic Medical Center which is in Manchester. She is currently being evaluated by medical professionals to look at what can be done to prevent the same thing affecting her in the future.

Some of the other drivers and passengers required medical attention. However, the only injuries sustained were minor and not life threatening. This meant that they could be discharged from hospital very quickly. Accidents like this one are common in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

The cause of the accident has been identified by police, and the woman is receiving medical treatment. There are unlikely to be any charges filed against anyone because of this crash.

If you ever cause an accident because of a medical condition then you should hire a New York Car Accident Attorney. The New York Car Accident Attorney will be able to explain to the court that the accident was not your fault and that you shouldn’t receive any fines or penalty points because of it.

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