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21st Players Death + Wrongful Death Lawsuit = #1 Problem For NCAA


Most of the college aged students will do anything they can to make the roster so that they can play football. It’s such an important thing for many high school students to do. One student wanted it so badly that he died trying. Now, his family is blaming the NCAA. The family wants the NCAA to pay damages for tragically cutting his life short.

Early in 2010 the student collapsed as a result of an early morning workout. It’s thought that he collapsed because of over exerting himself when working out. Six hours after collapsing he was pronounced dead by doctors. This was a severe blow to the family that had lost their much loved and popular son.

The family of the deceased believes that it would have been possible to prevent the death if the practices used were correct. The family has alleged that the teenager did not have the necessary medical supervision. The family has filed wrongful death lawsuits against the head coach, members of football staff, medical staff, the University of Mississippi and the NCAA. This is a major headache for the NCAA who thrive on having a good reputation.

The family is very concerned that the same thing could happen to another family. The family also believe that this has happened many more times in the past. Students are desperate to get on the roster and will do anything to get there.

It’s said that there have been 21 NCAA footballers who have died since 2000. The family argue that nobody should die. The NCAA should be informing schools about what they need to do to protect their students.

Most college students are desperate to get onto the football team. It marks a huge achievement and earns them a lot of respect among their peers. Even so, there’s no reason why anyone has to die when they are trying to become a footballer in college. If schools know how to take care of their football playing students better then this will make playing the sport much safer.

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