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Icy Conditions Led to Collision


Fairplain Township was the site of a serious car accident last Saturday night, said officials from the Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office. The two-car collision occurred at almost midnight on Saturday on M-66 in the Dick Road area of Fairplain, and is being investigated by a prominent NY City Injury Lawyer who has been assigned to the case.

Officials say that a teenage male, who was heading north on M-66 crossed over into oncoming traffic after losing control of his car. Once in the southbound lane, he immediately collided head-on with another vehicle, sending both cars into a spin. Montcalm County Police cordoned off the area for much of the night, restricting the flow of traffic while the scene was processed. Fortunately the cleanup occurred in the early morning hours, meaning that the impact for other drivers was minimal.

The condition of the drivers is currently unknown. A New York Car Accident Lawyer said that three of the victims were seriously injured, and had been taken to area hospitals, where they will be receiving treatment for their injuries. Fortunately, all those involved were wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash, significantly lessening the extent of the injuries sustained.

Investigators suspect that heavily iced roadways could have been an influencing factor in the accident. With the heavy snowfall that has been sustained across Fairplain Township this winter, and the difficulty in effectively managing road conditions, many have speculated that this type of accident was unavoidable. Characteristic of this time in the year is a cyclical melting of snow and a subsequent re-freezing into ice, causing treacherous road conditions. It is unclear how recently the roads had been salted, or whether other preventative measures had been put into place.

Further information on the case is still forthcoming, pending the completion of an investigation by the Montcalm County Sheriff’s Department, reported a New York Car Accident Lawyer. In cases like this one, where it is possible that criminal charges will be filed, a NY Injury Lawyer is frequently called to the scene to assess the damage and make a decision on whether or not criminal liability can be assigned. It is not uncommon for police to refrain issuing details to the public or to the media during this period to avoid interference with the investigation. Fortunately, officials have already been able to rule out substance abuse as a factor.

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