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A mother was killed in a drunk driver car wreck


On Thanksgiving day, tragedy struck a mom who was killed by a driver accused of being drunk, reported a New York Car Accident Lawyer. A wrongful death suit against the drive has been filed.

A Chicago man was going to fast in the area of 6500 block of Cicero Avenue, early in the morning when he hit this mother of an Oak Lawn man, believes a New York Injury Lawyer. This man who was hit was trying to move his broke down car out of the road according to Cook County Circuit Court. A total of 5 people got hurt but 1 man died later in the Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn. This major accident had 5 ambulances respond.

According to a New York Car Accident Lawyer, the drunk driver fled the scene of the accident and was charged with felony aggravated drunken driving. This man was also charged because he was not able to control his speed and slow down in time to avoid an accident. This was a horrible accident that involved a lot of people.

There are 8 different witnesses and a lot of stories that were reported at the scene of the accident. This has been a lot for law enforcement to sort out. Even the bar the drunk driver was at before the accident is now involved in the suit, according to a New York Injury Attorney. The club is located at 4829 W. 77th St., Burbank. The club has multiple owners that are all named in this suit.

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