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Four Truck Accident Caused by Convoy


Four vehicles which took part in a fund raising convoy to try to raise funds for children were involved in a car accident. The four vehicles hit each other on Route 15.

A report states that this was a very serious accident. Two of the people in the convoy were hurt so badly that they required being airlifted to hospital.

The other participants were not injured as badly. These people were transported by ambulance to Gettysburg Hospital to be treated for their injuries.

The convoy was intended to raise money for the Children’s Charity – Make-A-Wish Foundation. But it ended causing serious injuries to many people involved.

The event was held to mark the tenth anniversary of the convoy. There were many people who lined the route to wish the participants well. This should of been a very happy occasion, it’s just a shame that it ended this way.

According to a report read by the rep the accident happened 22 minutes after the convoy first set off.

The impact of the first vehicle caused other vehicles to be pushed together. The vehicles are thought to of been traveling at an average speed of 45 miles per hour. It only started raining after the crash occurred, so it is not thought that the weather had a role in the accident. The force of the vehicles hitting together was so severe that at least two people were thrown from their vehicles.

One or two people who were ejected from their vehicles were run over by one truck. One person remained trapped under the truck until he could be rescued by firefighters explained the witness.

Two of the vehicles involved in the accident were seriously damaged. They needed to be towed away from the scene. The larger trucks suffered only minor damage and could be driven away.

A number of the emergency vehicles which responded were actually traveling in the same convoy. An investigation is currently undergoing into the exact cause of the car accident. It is not suspected that alcohol or fast speeds were to blame.

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