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Fatal Road Traffic Accident Claims Life of 58 Year Old


A 58 year old man was killed at 10AM Sunday morning as a result of a car accidentinvolving two cars, explains a report. The accident only claimed one life, but injured three other people who required hospital treatment.

The two cars involved were a 2004 Pontiac and 2002 Ford Explorer. These cars crashed head on, although it is not clear exactly why this happened. The accident happened at 10 am, and the driver died shortly after the collision.

Two passengers in the vehicle were injured but their injuries were not considered serious. However, both of these people were still send to hospital to be sure. They were treated at South Shore Hospital explains the representative. They were released from hospital after a few hours as they only really require minor treatment.

A third vehicle was very nearly involved in the accident but managed to swerve just in time. This caused the third car to hit the pavement, but fortunately nobody was hurt and the car only suffered from a burst tire. It’s very lucky that this accident didn’t involve more vehicles as it could have been even more deadly.

The court has copies of eye witness reports which claim that the vehicle involved in the accident was being driven dangerously and it is suspected that the driver hit another cars door mirror shortly before the fatal crash. The driver of this car has not yet come forward, so this cannot be proved. This could have been caused by distracted driving which is the main cause of car accidents in Long Island and Manhattan.

Firefighters tried to rescue the 58 year old from the vehicle. They used powerful Jaws of Life to bite through the metal roof of the car. The first aiders also called for a medical helicopter to take him to hospital. However, before it could arrive he went into cardiac arrest and passed away. The police department issued a statement offering words of support for the family.

The police are continuing to investigate the car accident and they have not yet made any charges as it is though that the crash could be the result of the dead driers actions. The State police are reviewing the evidence.

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