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Drunk driver in Suffolk crashes into house and gets a DWI. It seems he will need a New York DWI Lawyer


Suffolk County Police arrested a young man after the automobile he was driving crashed through the front on a home in East Moriches late one night. Police report that Adam Clarke, 20, was driving in his SUV with a friend when the accident occurred. The two were on East Moriches Blvd. in East Moriches, NY when the SUV went over the landscaped divider the home owner created. The car flew through the air and crashed through a picture window, landing on the second floor of the home. Luckily no one inside was hurt. Clarke was taken to Brookhaven Hospital; located at 101 Hospital Rd. Patchogue, NY 11772. The passenger refused treatment.

The home owner reports the damage to the house was estimated at $200,000.00. He also said he had the divider created to stop a car from crashing into the house if they lost control. Clarke was charged with reckless endangerment, driving while intoxicated, reckless property damage, as well as other charges. He will be arraigned at Suffolk Count First District Court; located at 400 Carleton Ave, Central Islip NY 11722.

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Car crash during Nicholas Cage’s new film in New York City leaves many with injury. It seems they will need a New York Personal Injury Lawyer

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