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Car crash during Nicholas Cage’s new film in New York City leaves many with injury. It seems they will need a New York Personal Injury Lawyer

Disney’s spin off of “Fantasia”; “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” starring Nicholas Cage has been hit with a run of bad luck. In the beginning of the week, Disney was filming a scene on Seventh Avenue and 47th Street in Manhattan, NY when stunt driver Jeremy Fry lost control of the Ferrari he was driving. The car crashed into a pole, which fell over and hit a person walking on the sidewalk. He then ran up on the sidewalk where he struck another pedestrian before crashing into a Sbarro’s Pizzeria. Both pedestrians were taken to the hospital for treatment. The same week, a BMW SUV swerved to avoid hitting a taxi cab and ran up on the curb at Seventh Avenue and 51st Street in New York City. The SUV crashed into several crew members who were standing on the sidewalk. Eight people were taken to the hospital for treatment and diagnosis of their injury. Six were released with minor injury, but two people suffered more serious injuries and had to be admitted. Neither Disney nor New York County Police have released the names of those injured, or what hospital they were taken to in Manhattan. They have however, said that neither accident resulted in a fatal injury to any party involved.

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