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Cop Injured in the Line of Duty Reports NY Car Accident Lawyers

A city cop was attempting to write a citation on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. The driver of the car was being cited for drunk driving. The officer was only identified as a twenty-seven year old who worked the Manhattan South Task Force. New York Car Accident Lawyers report that at approximately 4:30 AM, the officer identified a reckless driver as driving erratically.

The five-year veteran pulled the first automobile over and got out of his car. Within minutes, a second driver swerved to avoid hitting the officer’s car and the confiscated auto, which was being driven by the officer’s partner. This driver collided with a yellow cab and lost control of his vehicle just prior to smashing into the officer.

The officer was rushed to Bellevue Hospital and was listed in stable conditions. The driver of the second vehicle was a Queens’s man who was only 4-foot-3-inches tall and required special equipment to reach the pedals of the car. According to a New York Injury Lawyer, both drivers failed Breathalyzer exams at the sight of the accident and were charged with driving while intoxicated and driving while impaired.

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